Kevin Kuehler

Good-bye | TKG


The most peculiar thing about humanoids is that they spend so much time fighting their ancestor’s battles.


What if time is relative to each person. One may be sitting in a waiting room and one hour drags on to feel like three. Another may be playing sports and an hour goes by in what feels like 10 minutes. What if we’re all living in our own different moments while being omnipresent for others at all times of our existence. The sun lives 5 billion years. A year isn’t cannot impact the sun, but a human’s whole life an change in the course of a year. Only eons start to make an impact on the sun.

"It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude."

-Ralph Emerson

Target the uninformed and add fire to the already misinformed… politics…