Kevin Kuehler

"If you alone could hear someone upset on the other side of the world, then maybe then you could do something about it. I was once in these mountains, you’d see these fires, other people sleeping out in the mountains, traders across the border, and that gives you this feeling, night time, awareness of other people sleeping. But all it is just a fire light. You see their firelight and you know they are there, that’s all you need. That’s what ties cities to places that aren’t together, deserts, forests, people. You watch over your city or area at night, you see the distant lights, fires burning in other places." -Burial

"The Press today is an army with carefully organized arms and branches,  with journalists as officers, and readers as soldiers. But here, as in every army, the soldier obeys blindly, and the war-aims and operation-plans change without his knowledge." -Oswald Spengler 

"We are the universe contemplating itself."


I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. 

There are two billion earth-like planets in our galaxy alone, not to mention there’s over 100 billion galaxies in our observable universe. People who doubt that there’s other intelligent life out there with that kind of information astound me.

"Once the foundations of a building have been undermined, the rest collapses on its own accord" -Descartes

"Only silly folk identify creative originality with the extraordinary and fanciful; others recognize that its measure lies in putting everyday things to uses which had no occurred to others. The operation is novel, not the materials out of which it is constructed." -John Dewey

I’m learning the force… I can sense the power of the dark side, but will do my best to stay on a path of righteousness.