Kevin Kuehler

I’m learning the force… I can sense the power of the dark side, but will do my best to stay on a path of righteousness.


Yutha Yamanaka

Anyone can study and get good grades in school, that is apparent to every person. But our brains our going to keep store we hold important to us, right? Why would your brain store facts, figures, or knowledge the being doesn’t consider relevant. If this information is not cared for, it will be sifted out of the mind quickly, or tucked so far to that back that it will need a conspicuous reminder or revisitation to be awakened.

If one only values school just to pass school, then they will never attain what I like to call “True Intelligence.” Someone who wants to attain this “True Intelligence” must truly love learning and academia. Being smart is a choice of wanting to be it, and nothing else. However, some people have innate inclination to learning, but they will almost always be surpassed by the more interested students, simply because the interested student will want constant access to the plethora of knowledge they have absorbed; the student who wants the grade will get that and not much more. This is also why I don’t believe someone Isn’t “bad” at a specific subject. The matter simply doesn’t engross them, or their mind doesn’t see it useful for survival, if we want to think primitively.

The mind is generally going to keep what it believes is useful. This is probably the reason why most peoples parents cannot recall how to help their kids on their geometry homework unless their field of work regularly calls for those kinds of problems, or ones analogous. 


following back tons♡


following back tons

My Inner Child Died

I dreamt I used my lyre
to strum the world to sleep,
so their stress would fade away
with the echoes off the walls;
with the harmonies that stilled its soul,
hearts will coalesce.

I dreamt I wrote a novel
so I could pave steps
into my imagination;
I conjure an idea
for the worlds’ interpretation.

But through all my aspirations,
I assumed you would be there;
but with you gone,
I forgot the hues in my life,
and began to see the world
in black and white.

-Kevin Kuehler

it’s funny how much we could learn from the innocent mind of a child. alas, we talk down to them and educate them with our biases 

i make so many jokes to compensate for how sad i am. time to immerse myself into music to forget

"I wonder if the stars ever sit on God’s terrace and view me with an equal adoration.” -Nak